Each new radiator is:
    • Made by hand to new or original drawings
    • Fitted with original vintage pattern cores (Matrix)
    • Original marque badges fitted
    • Made from original materials
    • Pressure tested
    • Polished and painted
    • Has our name on it!
New vintage radiators

New Radiators

A wide variety of new radiators can be manufactured using our extensive portfolio of drawings, reverse engineering or even from sketches and photographs. We produce everything from the smallest Austin 7 to a Stately Mercedes 540K.

Brass and Nickel Silver radiator shells are produced by hand along with all internal components and original equipment cores being manufactured “in-house”.

Our aim is to provide an authentic original specification radiator, manufactured using period techniques and materials to the highest possible standards of appearance, fit and cooling efficiency.

We have produced radiators for enthusiasts with Pebble Beach winning restorations, who set land speed records, enjoy racing, rallying or even a Sunday outing. Whatever your requirements recognised quality should be your aim!

Please browse through some new radiator photographs as below.


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