• Full & detailed restoration
  • New panels, tanks & outlet pipes manufactured
  • New outer shells made by hand
  • Louvers re-fitted & commissioned
  • Original equipment cores manufactured
  • Ready to re-fit
  • New/restored badges supplied
Vintage Car Radiator Restoration

Radiator Restoration

Radiators can be received in any condition, but will all go through the same process.  This will begin with a detailed drawing being made along with digital photos.  This ensures that all dimensions are retained and the radiator will fit when completed.

They are then totally dismantled, all components are cleaned and assessed before being re-fitted or replaced.  All solder faces are tinned before re-assembly.  New original equipment cores are manufactured in house, using original materials and techniques.  

The radiator is then assembled, pressure tested, polished if required and painted ready to re-fit to your car.

Please view our 'before' and 'after' images of some of our projects below.


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